AQuariumVIDEOS - Hosted by DrTom and Nevin Bailey.

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About Us
AQuariumVIDEOS is a series of shows about real aquariums, created and hosted by DrTom and Nevin Bailey, two of America's Leading Aquarists, who live and operate in San Diego, California.

Both brothers graduated from San Diego State University, where Nevin earned a degree in Aquatic Biology, and Tom went on to earn a PhD in mathematics at UCSD, the University of California at San Diego.

From 1969-1976 they were partners in Bailey Brothers, a company that spawned and raised Fancy Livebearers, Killifish, Freshwater Angels, and many species of African Cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika.

In 1976 they began building new facilities, where they continued to breed fish, and then to import rare wild fish.

They changed the name of their company to Baileys Wholesale Tropical Fish, which continues today to distribute pet fish and related items to retailers.

In January 2000 they began – a website that sells tropical fish and goldfish and has grown to be the most popular site on the internet about tropical fish and goldfish.

Click here to go to, where you can buy pet fish and learn more about keeping them.

In June 2002 the Bailey Brothers launched Pet Fish Talk a “radio show broadcast over the internet” for pet fish enthusiasts around the world.

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